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Bad!Fic Academy
Like Fame Academy, but worse
Recent Entries 
spencer, badfic

So I am trying to save it. However, LJ has something against me and wouldn't let me copy from word, so the awesome red giant text was lost because I had to copy to notebook first and then here. And then go through and change all the sporked bits to bold/italics instead of purple/orange (which was better).

Title: One born day of light, the other born black night
Band: This sue attempts to write crossover! (My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, possible Panic at the Disco)
Warnings! - vampire!fic, sad attempts at crossover, possible girl!Brendon. Also reading this may lead to a black overdose. Also your brain may start leaking out of your ears. It was worse with the giant text, but sadly that was lost in the great LJ battle to post.

Noodle = bold

Teapot = italics

Teapot and Noodle's black plan was simple and black. They would spork the black piece of black fiction until it was so black you could not see it...Collapse )

Also guys (that means all five of you that aren't me or Noodle. I feel so popular :D) , feel free to post your own sporking! I've not had much time to be sporking or searching for bad!fic lately and Noodle's internet keeps fucking up, so anything you want to post would be welcome. Really. I mean it. Please don't make me beg! Or cry. My black little emo heart couldn't take it if this community died for good. :(
8th-Jan-2008 09:56 pm - We Died A Little Inside...
Name: *Insert vomiting noise here*
Band Suethored To Death: Poor MCR.
Notes: Hannah Montana + MCR + Pervy Gerard Way + Non=existent band mates = WTF?

spencer, badfic
Title: This may sound a little rough, don't wanna fall in love
Band the sue "loves": Green Day
Found: Quizilla - That site is full of BAD. It's badness websitified. THE BAD BURNS US!

Noodle = bold
Teapot = Italics

Another turning point, a spork stuck in the roadCollapse )
29th-Nov-2007 03:44 pm - Worst EVER.

Name: And they found you on the bathroom floor (Dying from the lack of capital letters and sense in the story.)
Band Suethored To Death: According to the category it was in on Buzznet, its supposed to be MCR...I'm sensing there's some P!ATD in there too though.
Notes: It's worse than the txt spk one.  WARNING - Reading this may cause mental illness, excessive vomiting and internal bleeding.

Name: I've forgotten. :)
Band Suethored To Death: My Chemical Romance (They're not actually in this chapter we have sporked, but Gerard is the father of the Suelets.)
Sporkers: Teapot (LJ Seizurealert) and myself.

11th-Oct-2007 07:33 pm - Txt Spk. LOLZ.
Name: Suethor used an MCR song title which I shall not defile by placing it with this fic.
Bands Suethored To Death: Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance
WARNING: Sad attempt at crossover.  Text language (Syrsly.)
Sporkers: Noodle (That's me) and Teapot a.k.a seizurealert (I would link it but lj hates me and likes to be mean.)
Source: Most TeapotNoodleSpork comes from Buzznet.

6th-Oct-2007 08:54 pm - Someone Save Us...
Title: Famous Last Word (Words cannot express how much the lack of the 's' pisses me off.)
Author: One of the many Suethor's from Buzznet.
Mary Sue or Gary Stu?: Mary Sue. 
Notes: I nearly ran away screaming when I saw the massive parapgraph Suethor had kindly written. We tried to break it up a little with spork, but its still a massive pile of badness. 
17th-Sep-2007 08:30 pm - Quizilla - home of Bad!Fic
spencer, badfic
Title: Just take your time (Chapter 4)
Bandom: Panic! at the Disco
Plot(?) summary: (If it can be called plot...) Brendon fucks off in the first line, the rest of the band and a Mary Sue play truth or dare and act like five year olds. There may be boysex? And Jon and Ryan both like the Sue in question, probably because she couldn't decide which one was hotter when she was writing the "story".
Sporked by: Teapot - Orange (seizurealert ) 
                       Noodle - Purple (sweetrockchick)
13th-Sep-2007 04:44 pm - Who's Chemical Romance?
Name: Its Not Your Chemical Romance, Its My Chemical Romance - Chapter 1
Band Suethored To Death: My Chemical Romance (Or is it your chemical romance?)
Notes: Only one chapter of this fan fiction has been sporked.  You will all soon know why.
Sporkers: Noodle (That's me) and Teapot a.k.a seizurealert (I would link it but lj hates me and likes to be mean.)

9th-Sep-2007 11:32 pm - DUN DUN DUN!
Name: As a Raptorous Voice Escapes I Will Tremble A Prayer....Chapter 17
Notes: What else is there to say? Its horrendously bad.  

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